7 Vital Experiences Which Help You Make A Right Forecast When Trading In Binomo

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How to trade without ever losing? This is completely impossible. Losing in trading is inevitable. However, with the following 7 simple experiences, you can increase your profits significantly in Binomo! We will present the Binomo trading principles and experiences in this article. And your job is to follow those principles only.

7 Vital Experiences Which Help You When Trading In Binomo

While trading is always risky, but to make profits, the good news is you just need to make a profit. In this case, you can accept a large number of unprofitable trades. For example, regarding an asset with an income rate of 80%, you can accept an amount of 40 unprofitable trades out of 100 transactions.

The exact question to ask is “How do I make a profit?”.

Comply With A Given Trading Plan And Strategy

We will never stop repeating this because this is important. If there is no plan or system, then there is no profit. If there is a plan, there will be profit. And the most important thing is whether you have enough discipline to follow what you have set out or not. Remember that in any industry, discipline is always your strength.

Comply with a given trading plan and strategy
Comply with a given trading plan and strategy

The More Amount You Have In Your Account, The Easier It Will Be For You To Trade

If you lose $10 when you have $1,000 in your account, you will not be too sad and will continue to trade as planned. But if you only have $100 in your account, this can be frustrating and can lead you to mistakes. Finally, it is to lose all the amount in your account.

That’s not to mention the fact that in the first case, you have 100 attempts to fix the situation. But in the second case, you only have 10 attempts. Of course, you can adjust the investment in the following transactions to $1 or $3. But does the profit earned after each corrected forecast with the investment of $1 or $3 worth your sweat and effort to sit tight for the whole day?

The more money you have in your account, the easier it will be for you to trade
The more amount you have in your account, the easier it will be for you to trade

Follow The Principles Of Income Management And Capital Management Method When Trading

There are some basic rules of Income management in transactions as follows:

– The investment of each transaction should not exceed 2-5% of the amount in your account.

– The total investment of concurrent transactions should not exceed 10% of the amount in the account. It is better not to open consecutive orders. Only open 1 order at a time.

Popular capital management methods such as Classic or Fibonacci, etc., will help you securely increase the balance in your account.

Follow the principles of income management and capital management method when trading

Determine Your Maximum Loss For A Day

For example, you accept a maximum loss of 15% over the capital. When you reach the limit, stop trading regardless of how “tasty” the market looks. Stop even when you think you’ve seen the transaction of the century! These hunches are really just illusions. Let your Binomo trading experience speak up.

The market will always open tomorrow. Opportunities are always there for you. However, you can do nothing with a dead account. A chill mind is safer than a heart bleeding from losses.

Determine your maximum loss for a day - Binomo trading experiences
Determine your maximum loss for a day

Analyze The Market Carefully Before And After Trading

Do this for both profit and loss. It is important to understand how to avoid making the same mistake.

Analyze the market carefully before and after trading
Analyze the market carefully before and after trading

Learn To Control Your Emotions

When you have a lot of emotions, whether positive or negative, they all obstruct your trading. Joy, sorrow, frustration, and fatigue all lead to mistakes. If they appear during the transaction, then stop. If they appear before trading, do not start.

Learn to control your emotions - Binomo trading experiences
Learn to control your emotions

Study, Study More And Study Forever

The market changes every day so you need to study it constantly. Not to mention, there are many types of candlestick patterns, indicators, and strategies that can significantly improve your results. If your account status is VIP, do not hesitate to contact your personal manager. They are experienced traders in Binomo who can help analyze your transactions and give you personalized suggestions.

Study, study more and study forever - Binomo trading experiences
Study, study more and study forever

Summary of Binomo Trading Experiences

The truth is that very few people make huge profits in the first days of trading. Practice trading daily with a Binomo demo account. Practicing will make us perfect and responsive to entry points with high correct rates.

According to our experience during trading in Binomo, those who daily study and practice trading following the above rules will surely succeed. To make profits in the market, do the same thing as those who have succeeded with it!