Earn more than $200 with Retest strategy and Doji candlestick

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As promised, I directly tested the Retest strategy in Binomo combined with the Doji candlestick on a real account. This article will share the whole strategy on a Binomo real account. These are concrete proofs proving the great effectiveness that this strategy brings. Let’s go through the article carefully to see what you can apply to make money in Binomo.

Recalling Knowledge To Remember

In the previous article, I have detailed how to trade with the retest price and Doji candlesticks. 

For the purposes of this article, I will just point out some of the main ideas, along with notes on how to trade. 

Firstly, the behavior of prices retesting the resistance or support (collectively referred to as a level retest) is when the price, after a breakout, reverts to gain momentum for the new trend. It is an inherent price behavior if it wants to create a new trend. 

Prices retest the resistance or support after a breakout
Prices retest the resistance or support after a breakout

The basis of this strategy is based on this characteristic of the price. We can combine it with the appearance of a Doji candlestick when the price retests to increase the winning rate. 

Specifically, we have the following formulas:

Open UP orders = prices retest the new support with a Doji candlestick.

Open DOWN orders = prices retest the new resistance with a Doji candlestick.

Notes For The Retest Strategy With Doji Candlestick

  1. Open orders with an expiration time of 5 minutes or above.
  2. Do not trade when there is news causing fluctuations.
  3. Balance investments. Do not open many orders at once or consecutively.
  4. Only open orders when all conditions are met.

Strictly follow the rules. You will earn money in Binomo. That will be demonstrated by the following orders on a real account.

Review On The Retest Strategy With Doji Candlestick On A Real Account June 08, 2020

There are 5 orders opened following a downtrend on June 08. It takes a lot of time to find the time when prices create a trend and entry points when using this strategy. The trade-off for patience is a very sweet achievement.

Transactions on June 8 with my real account
Transactions on June 8 with my real account

Let’s go into the details of these orders.

1st order:

1st and 2nd orders using the retest strategy with Doji candlestick
1st and 2nd orders using the retest strategy with Doji candlestick

Reasons for opening orders: After the morning session, prices weakened, creating a downtrend. The price broke out of the support, then retested to create a Doji candlestick. Opened a 20-minute DOWN order that would end at 12:15. I won.

2nd order: Prices continued to retest this new resistance with another Doji candlestick. Opened another DOWN order. The expiration time point was at 12:45. I won.

3rd, 4th, 5th orders:

3rd, 4th, 5th orders
3rd, 4th, 5th orders

The reason for opening these orders is basically the same. Prices retested the level with a Doji candlestick. Opened DOWN orders. The results were 2 wins and 1 loss.

I used the Classic capital management method in which I invested $50 for each order. The strategy eventually brought me over $200 profits ($248 exactly) on June 8.

Classic capital management method
Classic capital management method


What do you get after this article? What more do you need to be able to make money in Binomo like me? Please share and leave a question. I will answer all of them. My motto of making money is by learning and honing. Once again, I hope that what Binowiki has shared will help you. Best regards!