What is Binomo? Is Binomo Scam or Legit? Review Binomo Trading Platform

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This is to answer such questions. What is Binomo? Binomo is a scam or legit? When will Binomo be closed down? Where does Binomo get the prices from? Does the Binomo online trading platform manipulate the prices to steal profits from traders? And many more investors are still wondering whether Binomo is reputable. This article will answer all these above questions.

We hereby affirm as follows:

– We are traders in Binomo.

– We have been trading to make income here for long enough to understand it all.

– The truth will be told, and we will not cover or justify for Binomo.

What is Binomo?
What is Binomo?

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What is Binomo? How To Check If A Trading Platform Is A Scam

Binomo is a trading and investment platform in the form of financial investing. That is, traders will predict whether the value will increase or decrease to gain profit in a certain period of time. If you make the right choice, you will receive immediate interest. And if it is wrong, you will lose your amount.

What are Options?
What is trading in Binomo?

First of all, Binowiki.com will guide you on how to check a reputable trading platform. Later, we will use this method to apply it to Binomo.

How To Check A Prestigious Online Trading Platform

As far as you may know, all of the current online trading platforms allow their clients to trade via an online platform. They use a website associated with their platform name for trading. For example, for IQ Option, it is iqoption.com. For Binomo, it is binomo.com. Or for Olymp Trade, it is Olymptrade.com. Therefore, we can base on the website to see the reputation of the platform.

How To Check A Prestigious Options Trading Platform
How To Check A Prestigious Online Trading Platform

These criteria need to be considered via the domain name of a website

Firstly, it’s daily traffic, especially the traffic of unique visitors filtered by IP address. You must understand that this is a type of trading website. Therefore, its traffic is very high every day.

Secondly, it is the website traffic rank in the world, especially the position of the website in the financial group.

Thirdly, it is which country the site is hosted in. A worldwide trading site rarely hosts in a small country. If they thrive and strategically zone in Southeast Asia, the host is usually located in Singapore or Indonesia.

Fourthly, it is where the traffic comes from. For example, if you have a Binomo account, you will often go to the Binomo.com website directly. This is called direct traffic sources.

Finally, it is which countries the access traffic comes from. The more countries access, the better it is. And of course, if only 1 or 2 countries use the trading website, you should carefully consider.

Check the reputation of a website
Check the reputation of a website

Which website is used to check the reputation of trading platforms?

And to meet all of the above criteria, Binomowiki.com encourages you to use the Hypestat.com website. There are many websites for you to check the reputation of a website. But if you want to use them, you have to pay. However, with Hypestat, you can use it without paying.

The plus point of this page is that you can also measure traffic coming from China. Somebody says “China prohibits Google so it would be limited in measuring access traffic coming from China”. However, this is not true when you use Hypestat to check. Because even in China, if you just visit the website address, Hypestat will also record the traffic.

I will show you how to use this site to check the Binomo.com domain. Afterward, if you want to compare any trading websites of any other trading platforms, you can freely do the same.

Answers for the questions: Is Binomo a scam trading platform?

Let’s check to find it out! Go to revi. Fill in the name of the website you want to check, specifically, in this case, it is Binomo.com.

How to check a website reputation using Hypestat
How to check a website reputation using Hypestat

(1) Daily traffic: There are more than 2.4 million visitors, and among them, 2.045.848 are unique visitors.

(2) The worldwide rank of the Binomo website: 1020.

(3) Host address. This is where the website is hosted. You can search on google map for a specific address.

One-day traffic of the Binomo options platform
One-day traffic of the Binomo trading platform

(4) The direct traffic source of the Bimono.com website. Only 20.94% of the traffic per day comes from the direct source. It means that for every 100 visits to the website, nearly 21 came directly, the remaining 79 came from advertising and other sources. These 21 direct visits are most likely traders who visit directly to try demo account or live trade.

Countries access to Binomo platform
Countries access to Binomo platform

Finally, which countries does the traffic of Binomo.com come from? You can see in the image below.

If you suspect that Binomo is a scam, try checking several platforms that are rated as reputable to see if the parameters are better.

When Will The Binomo Trading Platform Be Closed Down?

Because it is a long-standing trading platform in the world and well-known among many countries, the probability that it could suddenly disappear is completely impossible. To make Binomo give up their platform, it can only be due to two reasons:

(1) The government of that country issues a ban on Binomo because of some reasons like scam.

(2) No traders are using that platform.

If Binomo gets banned, can I still trade in Binomo?

You are still able to trade normally. Just like the way that other platforms are banned, they will have to remove their brand, either deactivate or switch to an international disguised platform.

If no traders are using Binomo, what will happen?

There are many funny questions like: If everyone makes right forecasts in Binomo and simultaneously withdraws all the profits and capital, may the platform collapse? Or, if Binomo loses in their business, may it close the website and fraud all traders’ profits?

The answer is as follows: The Binomo broker operates and designs this type of trading so that when 10 traders join the platform, 8-9 traders must make incorrect forecasts. It is very difficult for you to beat the broker because you are a human being who is affected by emotions and psychology so it is unavoidable.

Binomo keeps traders' bets?
Binomo keeps traders’ profits?

Everyone in every corner of the world loses their income because of emotional factors. Therefore, the fact that Binomo may lose in their business is unfounded.
If all Binomo traders in your country simultaneously withdraw all capital, that’s still okay. The broker will delay your transaction and slowly pay it by taking funds from one country and paying it to another.

Just take a look around, you will find that Bimono is running ads quite strongly and spamming in every type of online marketing. Even a hard-to-please person has to be curious about what it is. And so on, the USD will flow into the pockets of the broker. I have not seen any company that is doing well but also getting closed down.

Where Does Binomo Get The Prices From?

And plenty more questions: Where does Binomo get the price from? World financial center? Or reputable websites which list foreign exchange rate?

Let me answer. Everything is just a base/reference. All of the online platforms currently break down the quoted rates into 10 times smaller (like Olymp Trade) or 100 times smaller (like IQ Option). (“Break down” means that the trust price is usually updated via 5-minute intervals, but the broker will separate it into smaller intervals of 30-second updates or even smaller).

Where are the prices of the options platforms from?
Where are the prices of the online trading platforms from?

Therefore, the trust rate is broken down by the broker to take advantage of the price from traders. This can be seen as a trick, a way to earn profits of those platforms from traders.
So does that mean Binomo is scamming? Any platforms have some changes in the price. But it is because you open orders within a small time frame (for example, 30-second transactions).

The base price or reference price does not change much, so the platform can manipulate it. But if you choose to enter a trade with 5-minute or 10-minute orders, the reference price will increase and decrease clearly. The platform will not dare to use any tricks.

It is still a repeated warning that the 30-second expiration time for an order is too short. Your mentality might be pushed up. At the same time, the time is so short that the platform can easily decelerate or accelerate the expiration time to manipulate the price. Give up the idea of making income fast with 30-second orders. Try UP/DOWN orders with the expiration time of 5 minutes or more. The shorter the time is, the easier the price may be manipulated. So if you extend the expiration time for each order, you also force the platform to follow the trend of all reference prices around the world.

Do You Want To Make Income In Binomo?

Do you want to make money in Binomo?
Do you want to make income in Binomo?

If you suspect that Binomo is a scam, withdraw all your capital in Binomo and deposit into another platform. It is not a problem with Binomo. There are 2.045.848 visitors per day in Binomo. Some are traders, some will become traders and some will leave. Binomo is still alive, still active and even growing in the future.
And you, if you feel unsafe for your pocket, either leave to find another platform or another safer channel. The choice is yours, and when making decisions, take your own responsibility.


We too, imagine one day, our Binomo accounts are blocked, scam by Binomo, etc. Probably, there will be a temporary moment of crying on forums or social networks. But that’s okay because we are responsible for our own decision.

We would like to affirm once again as follows:

– We do not sell books or courses.

– We also do not sweet-talk you into trading as well as not organize signal rooms or trading funds, etc.

– And for sure, we do not lure newbie.

This is what we can ensure and take responsibility before readers. If you have any other questions or want to debate, please comment below. We will argue or comment objectively.

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